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Siyanna Yarr

Pre school ballet & Hip Hop

Siyanna has won world titles in the World Hip Hop Championships in America and has trained under the influence of Parris Goebel. She has been on TV shows, including NBC's current World Of Dance Series. She recently performed as a lead singer and dancer in a Show in North Hollywood, and has performed in many other shows including Monsters of Dance, Murder on the Dance Floor,  Goldmynd and the Parris Project. Siyanna was part of a group that won Grounded: battle of the arts 2017 and trained in America for a month. Two years ago she became qualified by achieving her ANZAMD in Jazz. One of her highlights was playing a lead dance and acting role in Justin Bieber's music video for Children. 

Along with her expansive dance training she has also taught for more than four years. She started off as an assistant teacher at 12, and by 14 was teaching her own classes. Siyanna teaches classes at Draper Academy of Dance and Norris where she is in charge of 3 - 18 yr olds in Hip Hop, 3 - 18 yr olds in Jazz and 3 - 10 yr olds in Ballet. She has taught not only for exams but also open classes and competitions. She has a fabulous understanding of  pre-school programming to develop dancers in the fundamentals of musicality, movement and styles.