Urban, jazz funk and commercial

I began dancing at a young age at The Dance Studio directed under Jacqui Cesan, i completed NZAMD syllabus in both Jazz and Contemporary while also competing in performance troupes in regional competitions over my early years. In 2014 i joined Identity Dance Company where I trained and competed in varsity and mega-crews, I competed at national competitions such as SDNZ and World Of Dance which lead me to travel overseas to international competitions including HHI, WOD and Dancers Paradise. I was also a cast member of IDCO's professional shows such as NEXT (2017) and IDx10 (2018). Then in 2017 i was given a spot in the Professional development training squad under Momentum Productions which is directed by Kayla Paige and Andrew Cesan where i was apart of their professional shows Synthesis (2017) and Duality (2018) which both featured in Tempo Dance Festival. Late last year i was taken down by Jacob Yarr to perform in Spotlight 8.

Currently i am still with both Identity Dance Company and momentum productions, and recently joined the Skycity Dance Team, NZX and 3WJ+Boy Agency.