Gemma-Jayde Naidoo

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz funk & Studio Management

Gemma has been dancing since the age of 5. Trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre in South Africa and New Zealand her dancing has taken her to some of the performance hubs in the world such as LA, New York and Sydney.

Gemma’s love for choreography has given her the opportunity to choreograph for music videos, live performances, and competitions. Most recently one of her works was selected to be performed as part of the University of Aucklands Dance Studies China Tour. While another took out numerous awards at the Short+Sweet Dance Festival, securing her a spot to choreograph for the 2018 Tempo Dance Festival.

Gemma danced for the ID Co Megacrew in 2016 who took out 4th place at HHI Worlds in Las Vegas, she is a current member of Momentum Dance Company that performed regularly in the corporate and public forums. Gemma is a member of the SkyCity Dance Team, previously known as the SkyCity Cheerteam, for the past 5 years. Regularly performing at NZ Breakers and Warriors games. Gemma has recently completed her studies at the University of Auckland and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Dance Studies in the new year.