Christa Albert

rbm syllabus

Christa began her journey in dance at the age of 12. Christa represented New Zealand at the World Hip Hop Championships, winning Gold and Bronze medals with crews The Royal Family and Sorority. She was later handpicked for 'ReQuest Dance Crew', touring the world and performing alongside some of New Zealand's best.Christa featured in New Zealand's first Hip Hop film 'Born to Dance' and played a primary role in Chris Brown's music video  'Liquor'.

In 2016, she co-choreographed 'Masque Dance Crew' from 'IDCO', who placed 1st at SDNZ Auckland Regionals and 3rd at NZ Nationals qualifying for HHI, she assisted with Kaleidoskope Dance Crew from Notorious Dance Company at HHI Words and in 2017 assisted with Rebellious Dance crew from Red Studio who placed 12th at HHI Worlds. Since then,Christa has travelled throughout New Zealand and Europe teaching classes. She is a part of 'NZX', a collaboration of some of NZ’s top dancers, led by Kiel Tutin, who placed 2nd at 'Dancers Paradise' in Cancun, and most recently has been in Beijing, dancing for international popstar 'Jolin Tsai'. Christa is also currently working with 3WJ+boy Agency as a Dance Scout.