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There are two parts to Red studio:

  1. The school that provides dance classes

  2. The Academy that auditions and trains development and high performance dancers for competitions and performances

About our Urban Academy:

The Urban Academy will rotate a faculty of some of NZ’s top choreographers to build our dancers’ skills for performances and competitions.
We have training squads – development, junior and varsity/senior – who train under a programme curated by Kiel Tutin - one of the best choreographers and dancers in NZ.

The programme’s primary focus is to train dancers to a high skill level. We support and mentor dancers throughout their journey.

Faculty of urban academy teachers: Todd Williamson, Bianca Ikinofo, Loren Sila, Ben CJ, Connor Muller, Carl Flavell, Liv Martin and Kiel Tutin.



There are 3 levels to our urban academy programme which are based on age and skill level

Development Academy:

  • Rebels – Boys only Junior crew 8-11 years

  • Revolution – Junior Hip Hop 8-10 years

Junior Academy:

  • Rogue

Senior Academy:

  • Rebellious

  • Reign

  • RMC